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Champagne Bochet-Lemoine - Vallee de la Marne

Champagne-Bochet Lemoine was born from the merger of two farms.

Champagne Lemoine was created by Charles and Therese Lemoine, Ambonnay winegrowers who settled in Cormoyeux a small village situated in the Vallee de la Marne in 1945. Thus the first planting of the vineyards and building wineries could begin. The operation was developed by their son Gabriel, better known by the name of Gaby unfortunately no longer with us today. That’s’ when Michael the eldest son of the family, assisted by his wife, Pierrette, took over in 1981, to continue in his fathers footsteps.

On the other hand, the Champagne Bochet-Massart created by Jacques and Lucie Bochet settled in Faverolles Coëmy in 1957. During the late fifties in the valley Ardre, agriculture dominated, however they decided to establish a vineyard and their own brand of champagne, a bold gamble for its time, won only at the price of many sacrifices.
It was then that fate was a beautiful day in May 1989, Miss Valerie Lemoine met Mr Jacky Bochet and in 1990 their marriage was solemnized and in 1992 Champagne Bochet-Lemoine was born involving the two family farms.

In order to keep both names and always to honour their families who worked so hard for today they, in turn, practice the wondrous art of winemakers and perpetuate the tradition.

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