The Vineyards

Champagne Couche - Cote des Bar

For three generations the family have been cultivating high quality grapes. Located in Buxeuil, a winegrowing village built on the banks of the river Seine in the heart of the Cote des Bar. Their vineyard is divided into two winegrowing communes 9 hectares of Pinot Noir in Buxeuil and 3 hectares of Chardonnay in Montgueux.

In 1945 Rene Lenoir a winegrower began to develop his first champagnes which were called Champagne Lenoir. When he retired his descendants continued to cultivate the vineyard.

Since 1996 Vincent Couche has carried on the holding and renamed the brand which is now called Champagne Couche, where his 12 hectares of vines produce 70 – 80,000 bottles of Champagne per year.

During 1999 Vincent started using bio dynamic techniques for the cultivation of his vines and by 2008 had confirmed his decision to follow the bio dynamic route was the right one as the quality of their champagnes have improved substantially.

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